How To Promote Your Business Online

Local listing services

Google is still keen on promoting local businesses to local communities. So why not list your business on your local directories, local community pages and websites and spread your business this way. You can even list your business under different categories to improve the chances of people finding your services.

Start a blog

Starting a blog and posting relevant content is perfect to draw customers to your website and promoting your company. By posting ‘how to’ videos or useful guides, you have a better chance of appearing higher up in Google, meaning that you will get more traffic to your website. Posting your own content, on a regular basis, including keywords in your text will mean that Google reads your content better and ranks it higher as it is useful, organic content.

Social media

This is an easy one. Who doesn’t have social media these days? With the majority of people being on social media, it is becoming more and more essential to have company social media pages. By posting regular content and offers, draws customers into your business, and again posting useful information means they will potentially return to your site for more information in the future.

Social Media Ads

This also ties in neatly with social media ads. You can now promote certain posts online, on a number of platforms. This enables you to reach many mnay more customers as the ads will appear in peoples timelines as ‘sponsored posts’ and will appear even if they don’t follow you or like your page. These ads do cost and sometimes the costs can rack up quickly, so it is important to set yourself a budget and regularly check how much you’ve spent.


PPC means pay per click advertising. In simple terms this means that you pay to have an ad on the first page of Google and every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay a fee. Now one thing to note is that the more popular the industry and search terms you want to use, the more expensive your ad will be. For example a really popular topic or industry such as ‘web design’ is very hard to get a Google ad for. This is because lots of people are competing and paying for the top spot so the ad space becomes more expensive.


By improving the SEO on your website you can improve your ranking on Google, which again means you will have a better space on Google and a better chance of appearing on the first page. Now it is generally a good idea to get SEO specialists to do this as they can work with you to create organic, keyword rich content rather than you having a go yourself and not doing such a good job! Having the correct keywords is so important, that’s why using a specialist is what we recommend.