Social Media – Perfect Time to Post

Social media is a powerful tool which has seen imense growth over the last few years. People are constantly posting things on all the different social platforms every minute of every day. But believe it or not, there are certain times when it is more productive to post on social media than others. Yu need to find out when most people are reading their messages and when they are taking a little break from work to check their phones.

Facebook – The best days to post on Facebook are predominantly Thursdays and Fridays, 86% of posts published throughout the working week have the most consumer engagement on Thursdays and Fridays. Posting Monday through to Wednesday during the working week shows less engagement with a fall of around 3%.

‘The less people want to be at work, the more time they will spend on their phone checking social media’ – Buddy Media

The optimal time to post on Facebook would be early afternoon. People are just taking their lunch breaks and checking their phones and tablets after a hard mornings work. 1pm is the best time to get the most shares, whist 3pm is the best time to get the most clicks.

Twitter – When are the best days to tweet? Well, this could depend on whether you are B2C (Business to consumer) or B2B (business to business). For B2B consumers, weekdays are the days to post with 14% more engagement than on weekends, however B2C companies are better off tweeting weekends and toward the end of the week Wednesday through to Sunday.

The best time of day to tweet is 12pm on Twitter, most people are checking their social media profiles at this time so tweeting here would ensure that your tweet is seen by lots of people as well as receiving some engagement. 5pm is the optimal time for the highest number of re tweets as people are just finishing work and getting back on their phones for their walk home.

6pm is also an optimal time, just as people are getting home from work. According to Twitter’s statistics, social media users are most likely to be using their profiles and phones on their commute to work, with 181%, they are also 119% more likely to check their profiles in the day than not.

Google+ – Google+ The best days to post are throughout the whole week. Particularly at 9am on Wednesdays, where you can expect to see the most engagement, as well as late mornings throughout the week so 11am-12pm.