SEO Mistakes to Avoid In The Future

SEO is now an important part of any business. Optimising your site so that it comes up in as many relevant searches as possible is key to customers being able to find your site. However, many people make some common mistakes that will not only hinder you, but make your website look bad.

Poorly put together copy is not a good way to rank higher up on Google. Writing an article stuffing in as many key words as possible is not going to get you anywhere. You must think about what you want to write and base the keywords around that, rather than the other way around. Repeating the same phrase or word will not boost your rankings.

Don’t copy others people’s work. Plagiarising is not only to be avoided in the classroom, but in business too. By copying what other people have written it not only makes your site look bad, but Google will also notice and they will push your page rankings down so far that your site will be almost worthless as no-one will ever be able to find it. Think of subjects that are relevant to your business, do some research around them and write up your own ideas.

Don’t write the same post but in a different way. Duplicating the content you already have and writing it in a slightly different way will do the same as the above, nothing. Each article needs to be unique and well thought out. This is not just in the sense of articles, but when coding your site, the meta description and title tags all need to be different. If they are all the same Google will not index them and they will be a waste of time.

Broken links also not only look bad for your website and send people away, but they are no use to anyone. You need to keep an eye on your hyperlinks and check that they all link to the right place so as not to lose out on business because your contact form link doesn’t work. Google will downgrade a site that has lots of broken links (including image links) so set some time aside to check them over and make sure they’re all in working order.

Finally, ignoring your analytics won’t help either. If you have set up your site and no-one is visiting it, change what you are doing or try a different method. By ignoring the analytics that tell you this you are setting yourself up for a fall. Monitor which keywords are working and what you need to improve on to make your site successful.

These are just a few of the many mistakes that must be avoided when thinking about SEO – keep clued up and updated!