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What is SEO?
SEO, Also referred to as Search Engine Optimisation is the process in which you build your websites ranking by following best practices and performing on-site optimisation work. This ranges from adding relevant content to your website, adjusting the titles and meta descriptions, creating new pages and much more.

Google’s algorithms are forever changing so it’s important you change with them if you ever want to have your business ranking well online. Our team at Design Rocket are constantly changing, adjusting and updating our website to make sure we are ranking for keywords we want too.

What does that mean for my business in Crawley?
It’s important to have a strong online presence in your local area to increase brand recognition and trust. Although you can have quick wins, such as registering your business under the “google business listing”, it’s also key to have a good position within the search results as well.

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Had my whole website designed by the team at Design Rocket and I love every part of it, thoroughly helpful in every aspect of the job. Even though my website was completed a number of years ago, the team still provide full support for any IT issues I have!

Chris Hartley, Completely Interiors

Just opened my own beauty business and had a website, business cards, gift vouchers and appointment cards designed by these guys, I absolutely love it all.

Natasha Monaghan, Your Secrets


When running SEO campaigns, it’s important to know how you rank against your competitors, with some high-tech software, we are able to run monthly/weekly/daily reports and let you know how you stand against your competitors.

Here at Design Rocket we offer different packages of SEO, each package would determine how many hours we spend on your site monthly. If you want a gold standard package, we spend hours making sure your site is perfect. We have extensive knowledge of many forms of CMS platforms as well as standard HTML5 and CSS. This means whether your site is built in WordPress, Joomla, Shopify or any other platform, we have the ability to grow your business today.

The image on the right shows our rank reporter software. You can see from the ranks we’ve worked hard to build this website up

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