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How we can help with SEO

Local SEO

Have you got a local product or service you are looking to sell or promote? With a local SEO campaign, you can target customers within your area. We assess the size and importance of your search market, then create and implement relevant content for these markets. The final step is to optimise these campaigns.

Competitor Analysis

When running SEO campaigns it’s important to assess your competition and know who you are up against. There are many factors that build up a campaign such as; keyword depth, backlinks and domain and page authority. We build these factors into each campaign as well as other SEO approved techniques.

SEO Audits

Audits comprehensively reveal how your site can be optimised, by considering vital factors that can affect your search engine rankings and performance. We focus on indexing, on-site titles and meta descriptions, page speed and website accessibility from Google Robots.

Keyword Research

When looking at keywords, it’s important to decide which keywords are best suited to each page. You don’t want to include too many on one single page as this could potentially stop you ranking for each of those search terms. Create different pages and focus on individual keywords.

Free Consultation

Do you currently have a website and struggling to build up your SEO? Get in touch with our Crawley Team to find out how we can help today.

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