Guide to setting up Office 365 accounts on Mail (Windows)

This is a simple guide to setting up your Office 365 accounts on Mail for Windows. There are two main email applications available for Windows, Mail & Outlook. Mail for Windows has increased in popularity the last few years and since the release of Windows 10, the program itself has improved dramatically. It has very similar functions to Outlook 2016 but with a £0 price tag as this is included with Windows.

Please follow our simple 7 step process below to set up your emails on the Mail Application.

1. Once the email account has been created and you have your email and password, open up the mail app on windows.

2. Once it’s open, you need to select the “settings” cog down the bottom left of the screen, which will show a menu on the right hand side. Once this appears, select the “manage accounts” tab

Set up Outlook for Mail - Step 2

3. Once you press the Manage accounts tab, you will see an option to add account. Press the “+ Add Account” which will open another tab. The option you are looking for is “Exchange”

Step 3 - Exchange - Office 365

4. It will then ask you to enter your email address, please enter this now.

5. It will then ask you to enter your password, please enter this now and press the “Sign In” button.

6. It will then prompt a message asking “add this account to windows” press the “Yes” button.

7. All Done – Your account has been added to your mail application on Windows.

Step 7 - Email All Set Up