Guest Blogging


Here at Design Rocket we understand the importance of getting your website content right the first time round. It ensures you have relevant, helpful information for your clients, as well as providing them with information they may need. You don’t want to over-do the content as people just won’t read it all, but getting the small amount of content right is essential.

The team at Design Rocket not only make your website look amazing, but also ensure all content is keyword rich and perfect for SEO purposes. All our websites are built with SEO programs, to ensure we optimise your site fully.

The importance of creating SEO and keyword rich content is so that Google can rank your website as highly as possible. The more you update your website, the more Google will see that your site is consistently being updating with organic and relevant information, thus giving you a better rank and a stronger site.

If you already have a website and have the content completed, then why not think about a blog? With a blog you are able to update your site more often with relevant and helpful information for your customers, encouraging them to return.

You could also think about Guest Bloggers, if you don’t have time to blog yourself. Guest blogging is where you hire a professional content writer to write up some articles for you, so you don’t have to. All content writers will research the topics before they write anything and ensure to include any keywords provided by yourself.


We enjoy working with local businesses whether you are a start-up or small-medium company within Redhill, Reigate and Surrey we would be happy to help you with your content writing and blogging!

Having original content is so important in this day and age as it helps people access the information they require using keywords that you can insert into your content. By inserting these keywords, you have a better chance of appearing higher up in search engine results.

However, we not only want rich keyword content, but also great visuals too, as if you overload your site with content, they messages and information will get lost and customers will be put off reading through pages of information. Keeping it short, sweet and to the point is the ideal way to engage your customers, help them with their queries and improve your site in the process.

Whatever content it is that you need writing, we can help. With over 6 years experience in content writing for a wide variety of industries, we ensure all content is our own (not copied and pasted) and that we really research our topics to ensure what we are writing is specialist knowledge. Contact us today if your have any queries or would like more information.