Email Marketing


Our all inclusive email packages include email marketing and management. Email marketing includes the design and build of personalised email mailshots and the sending of them to your extensive list of clients.
Email management includes the hosting of your email platform, ensuring there are no issues with your account.


What it entails and how it can benefit you.

Are you thinking about setting up regular emails to send to your clients? WHy not let us take care of it all for you. We’ve partened up with Vally Marketing to bring you the finest email package on the market. Our all inclusive package allows you to spend more time communicating with your customers and less time designing, testing and sending your emails.

All emails are scheduled throughout the month and there isn’t a limit as to how many emails you can send. Whether you want to send them daily, weekly or even monthly; we have the software that can do this for you.

As well as the above, we also provide you with analytics after your email has sent so you can see exactly how many unique clicks, opens, unsubscribes you receive.
Unlimited EmailsUnlimited Emails
Unlimited SubscribersCost Dependent on Subscribers
In-Depth Analytics ProvidedAnalytics on Mailchimp Dashboard
Domain IncludedDomain Not Included
£50 Per Email DesignDesign Yourself
£40 Per Month (unlimited subscribers)£60.78 per Month (10,000 subscribers)