Email Marketing – Benefits To Your Business

Email marketing can sometimes be a painful and laborious task, but it doesn’t need to be! There are so many benefits to email marketing, even though it does sometimes get some bad stick!

Here at Design Rocket we use email marketing for ourselves and customers within the Surrey area to help build up not only an awareness that we are here, but to showcase our work and strive for new projects.

Customer Engagement

With email marketing you can draw precise, specific and usable tracing information on your customers to help you find out what is successful and what needs to be improved. With the right software you can track how many people have opened your email, how many have read it and whether your email was actually delivered to your customer’s inbox, amongst many other things. This allows you to see how and what engages the customer so that you can play about and tailor it to each different campaign.

Real Time and Personalized messages

Emailing is instant, as we all know. This allows you to send marketing material in just a few minutes, giving you time to personalize the message to each customer. This will make them feel more valued and potentially lead to a first or repeat purchase. Short time frames are a benefit, not a hindrance. You can asses in just one day whether your campaign was successful or what needs to be tweaked for the next time. Tailoring the subject to your customers may also be an opportunity. The subject header is very important as it is what draws the customer in. Having a subject header as ‘Surrey Web Design and Marketing Discounts’ may well produce higher customer engagement, as customer love a bargain and if you have tailored it to the right target segment, your campaign will be very successful.

Frequent Communications

Emails take a split second to produce and send. It allows you to communicate with your customers on a frequent basis, updating them on the Company’s goings on, discounts, offers and news. Although, you must be wary not to over-do it. By sending your customers daily emails, you are more likely to annoy them, thus making your campaigns un-productive.

Information Spreading

With the increased use of technology these days, people are sharing and tweeting everything. If you were to suggest something or recommend something to a friend, you would tend to do this via social media or on your phone or tablet. Even forwarding an email on to a friend is spreading the word for that company. Positive word of mouth is the most powerful tool a company can wish to gain. It means that your campaign has reached a wider network than first planned. For example if I have a customer in Surrey, they may recommend me to someone in Horsham – hence spreading the web design and marketing business in surrey to surrounding areas.