Benefits of Social Media For a Business

The rise of social media was frantic and chaotic, with many platforms being created at a fast rate and hundreds of thousands of people joining the sites everyday. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most popular and they allow people to upload, share and communicate what they want, via these platforms. New platforms are being created all the time, so keep an eye out for new platforms forming.

Although there are many sceptics that believe social media isn’t the way forward and who believe that social media has no role to play in helping or benefitting their business, we have come up with 6 main reasons for using social media.

1) Social media is a great and easy way to help companies understand their target audiences better. By viewing the insights on Facebook and accompanying tools such as Hootsuite, we are able to see who is looking at our page, how old they are and where they are from. This will help us to understand if the audience we are targeting is the right one for our business. It will aid in the catering and tailoring of your campaigns to these particular audiences.

2) Social media helps you to expand and grow your business. Platforms such as Twitter allow you to locate current customers and seek out potential ones. Using tools such as Hootsuite, you can create a campaign to search Twitter for anyone tweeting about something locally, for example local coffee shops. After locating the customers tweeting about the particular subject, you can begin to reach out to these consumers and entice them in with promotions.

3) It can also help to increase traffic to your website, as mentioned in one of the previous blog posts. One of the main benefits of social media is that you can help direct potential consumers to your site. Doing this via social media will not only increase your web traffic but also will increase the number of social media shares you receive and your rankings will increase.

4) With social media you can increase reach and brand awareness of your business with very small costs. You can do this by fostering relationships with online audiences in different ways. Having a manager for each region of your business will ensure that you’re expanding at an equal rate in all areas of your business, whilst maintaining relationships with key stakeholders of your company.

5) You can get ahead of your competitors! This is something that every business wants to hear, and with social media it is now much easier. There are so many ways to monitor your platforms to help you gain key information about your competitors which in theory will also help to improve ad broaden your market intelligence and knowledge. This all helps when making strategic business decisions, as you will be able to gage what the customers want and what you can do better than your competitors. Look out for what your competitors may be missing and tweak your company objectives to include this, it will ensure you are one step ahead of the game.

6) Business is not just about selling as much as possible to as any people as possible. It is also extremely important to build, enhance and maintain relationships with your customers. Keeping on top of how their products are working or not working and giving them discounts and loyalty offers. This will make the customer feel valued and more likely to make a return visit which is exactly what you want. Costa and Starbucks would be nowhere without the office workers going in for their daily cups of coffee. Keeping up the dialogue between the customer and the brand is very important and is something that traditional advertising won’t be able to achieve. There are so many ways of connecting and conversing with your consumers – so get out there and do it. Find what the customer wants and create it!